Tired of working from home? Rent a small office space!

The corona crisis means that many people are now working from home. Especially if you were previously used to working from, for example, a café, coffee shop or on the road in restaurants, this can take some getting used to. Fortunately, there is a solution: renting your own office space. This can be more economical and flexible than you might think.

Disadvantages of working from home
Ever since the beginning of the corona crisis, newspapers and blogs have been full of tips for successful working from home. Because apart from the travel time being reduced to zero, there are also many disadvantages. For example, the fact that children, pets and handyman neighbors can make work a challenge. Also, work and private life can start to blend together, because there is no longer a physical dividing line. For entrepreneurs, the latter may not be such a problem, but the first obstacle - not being able to work undisturbed - can definitely start to come up.

Renting a small office
Although the hospitality industry is now open, sitting inside is only possible by reservation in most establishments for the time being. So going back to work in the coffee shop is still difficult for most entrepreneurs. Fortunately, there is another solution: renting a small office. Many entrepreneurs are initially reluctant to do so. They are afraid that it will cost a lot of money and that they will be tied to a rental contract for a long time. 

Rent an office in Breda or Etten-Leur
Business Centre offers small offices in Breda and Etten-Leur which are perfectly accessible by both car and public transport. As an entrepreneur, you can rent these for a fixed, low amount per month. The rental contracts are flexible. So you can choose to rent an office for a few days a week or for the whole week. You will then immediately benefit from all sorts of other advantages: you can register the office address with the Chamber of Commerce as your business address, you can have the telephone answered, reserve meeting rooms and have packages delivered to the office address. In this way you keep work and private life optimally separated.

Shared Office: your own workplace, shared office
At Business Centre, you do not have to rent your own office space from the outset. Our Shared Office concept in Breda and Etten-Leur is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to benefit from maximum freedom and flexibility at minimum cost. You rent your own desk with a cupboard and telephone in a space that you share with a maximum of two others. The office space is of course large enough for you to easily keep a distance of one and a half meters. Moreover, this concept offers networking opportunities: you share the space with entrepreneurs from a different industry than your own and you will also meet entrepreneurs in the rest of the building. You can use your workspace at any time: reservations are not necessary.

Rent a safe office in Etten-Leur and Breda
Like many other people, you may wonder whether working in a shared office building is actually safe at the moment. At Business Centre, the answer is yes. Our cleaning was already in good order, but has been further intensified since the start of the corona outbreak. The workplaces are at a safe distance from each other and even in the meeting rooms you can keep to the prescribed one and a half meters distance.

Rent your office in Etten-Leur or Breda now!
Are you tired of working at home and did you want to move to a private office anyway? Discover the advantages of Business Centre and contact us for an appointment without engagement or a visit to our office.