Flexible office space for start-up entrepreneurs

You are starting your own business. Exciting! Finding clients, arranging all the paperwork and looking for a place to work: it's all part of the job. Business Centre in Breda and Etten-Leur can help you with this.

Starting with entrepreneurship
When starting your own business, you make a lot of choices. Not least about where you are going to work. Are you starting with a home office? Look before you leap. Because an office in the spare bedroom seems ideal in terms of travel time and costs, but can also ensure that you are completely absorbed in your work. Because nothing stops you from crawling back in front of the computer in the evening. Conversely, during work you may be tempted to do the laundry or hang that painting. And when you have children or pets, working undisturbed is often not an option at all. 

Affordable office space for starters
Many start-ups work from home because they think renting their own office space is very expensive. But if you opt for office space at Business Centre in Breda or Etten-Leur, you will find that an office is perfectly affordable. Moreover, the rent partly pays for itself in an increase in productivity and a better, more professional image towards your clients. An additional advantage is that clients will not be able to find your private address easily. 

Perfectly accessible office
Business Centre is easily accessible by car and public transport in both Breda and Etten-Leur. You can charge your electric car in our own parking lot. And there are numerous services you can make use of. For example, we can help you as a starting entrepreneur with your registration with the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Business Centre regularly organizes get-togethers and networking events where you can present your company and get to know other companies in the building. Who knows, there may be potential clients among them - or you may be able to purchase services from them, for example in the area of accountancy or tax! 

Telephone service and meetings
Meeting up with clients in a freeway restaurant or in a pub is not professional. That is why, when you rent office space from Business Centre, you can also use the meeting facilities in the buildings in Breda and Etten-Leur. There are consulting rooms and meeting rooms for two to 25 people, and catering is one of the options. It is also possible to purchase a fixed telephone number and a telephone answering service from Business Centre. Your telephone will then be answered in the name of your company by friendly and professional telephonists. You will receive a message from each call. There are several flexible packages: from full-time answering to the occasional answering of your phone during your absence. Do you rent an office or use shared office? Then telephone service is even included! 

Want to know more?
Don't get off to a false start with your new business. Get off to a good start with a professional office, meeting facilities and maybe even telephone answering. Want to know more about how Business Centre can help you get off to a good start? Contact us for an appointment and discover all the benefits!